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Manage your business relationships online with Microsoft Power Pages

Low code, high quality. Create your own Portals and webpages with the help of Power Pages for your team, customers, and prospects.

Modernise your business with the help of Microsoft Power Pages and create a secure website that integrates directly into your Microsoft Dynamics 365 business solutions. 

What is Microsoft Power Pages?

Power Pages is a secure, low-code, enterprise level SaaS platform for creating, hosting and managing external facing business websites.   

Previously known as Microsoft Power Portals, Microsoft Power Pages has become its own separate solution, instead of being under the ‘Power Apps’ banner. Whether taking the low-code approach or using a professional web developer, Power Pages can be used and deployed by people with different levels of expertise.  

Like much of the Microsoft Power Platform, Power Pages enables businesses to design, configure and publish websites in a timely manner for use on both web browsers and mobile devices.  

With a variety of templates to work from, provided by Microsoft, we can use these and tailor them to your needs. Alternatively, the Power Pages design studio offers the ability to build without the need for coding, however, if you’re bringing in a website designer there is the option of utilising code as well to really customise your solution.  

If you have a bit more technical understanding and like to know about the nitty gritty of how these websites work. Power Pages is based on Bootstrap, which is appreciated in the industry for enabling websites that are responsive and mobile-friendly. 

But importantly, Power Pages can work with data from Dataverse, meaning we can utilise data in Model Driven Apps, such as Dynamics 365 CRM, to help build value add business websites to enhance B2B relationships.  


So, what can Microsoft Power Pages do for your business?

Power Pages can be used to complement your primary eCommerce or collateral websites with additional pages and portals to support business relationships. Or for businesses that have little web presence at all, they are a great starting point to get a base collateral site in place.
Tecman’s focus with Power Pages is driven around layering on top of Dynamics 365 CRM and Dynamics 365 Business Central via the Dataverse, enabling added value to working relationships with customers and suppliers.
It enables customers to interact centrally on opportunities and issues – which enables more of the self-serve culture we are all craving. But it also enables suppliers to interact centrally to offer updates to purchase orders, non-conformances and more.
Using Power Pages technology can help reduce email traffic, phone calls and questions from suppliers and customers to give your team time back, all while improving customer experience and keeping things simple for your business relationships.

Authenticated Versus Unauthenticated Power Pages

We have the ability to control the experience with Power Pages, but what does “authenticated” and “unauthenticated” Power Pages Portals actually mean? 

Simply put, authenticated means that the Portal will require you to log in to see and manage content specific to the user. Whereas unauthenticated portals do not require a login, and can be used to publish collateral that can be consumed by all, or forms that can be used to submit data back to the Dataverse.  

How to deploy Power Pages Portals in your business

Customer Portal

These enable customers to log in see the status and key information relating to their account, maintain and update key data, along with the ability to raise queries and manage issues centrally.  They provide the ability to look explore a knowledgebase of data to help enhance the value of a user’s relationship with you too, or even just enable a simple, but effective FAQ for your customers.  


Supplier Portal

As the name would suggest, this type of portal enables suppliers to log in and see details of purchase orders raised, as well as the ability for them to update expected delivery dates. Additionally, they provide a way to communicate purchase requests and pricing centrally and facilitate suppliers to upload certification and associated dates as part of supplier management. 

Product Return Form

With a Product Return Form, customers can use an unauthenticated page to fill out all appropriate fields to and provide evidence, such as images or otherwise, to request the return and potential credit of a recent order with you. Upon submission, the fields can be validated with data inside Dataverse, such as serial or lot numbers, to ensure efficient processing of the request, managed seamlessly through a case inside Dynamics 365 CRM. 


Supplier/Customer Forms

Before creating new accounts to transact with, do you have minimum data requirements you need? Instead of sending emails and conducting phone calls, you can utilise an unauthenticated Power Page to get the data you need and enable it to be populated in the right places in your business systems helping you achieve the accuracy you need with customer or supplier data. 

Warranty Registration

Do you sell products that need warranty/agreement registration? Why not use an unauthenticated Power Page to allow the submission of data which can then update relevant records in the Dataverse and beyond. You can even set this up as an extension of your existing website to keep things simple for your customers. This removes the need for manual data upload from emails, phone calls, or those old-school paper warranty cards. 

With Microsoft Power Pages you can create websites that provide around the clock services and value for your customers and suppliers, and more. 

Bring all your business data together with the Microsoft Dataverse

With Power Pages and the Power Platform toolkit, the power to have a seamlessly integrated total business solution is in your hands. Join the dots with data that is being transacted and maintained without the need for manual systems or duplicate data entry.  

Use Microsoft Power Pages to get to improve your USP, and the value you add to your business relationships. Make it a breeze for people to work with you.  


The possibilities are endless

If you’d like to find out more about how your business could benefit from Microsoft Power Pages, then get in touch and arrange your discovery call.