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Tecman Talks Dynamics

Series 4

The no-nonsense podcast for businesses using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Where is Business Central heading?

The rise and rise of cloud computing has accelerated the evolution of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with integrations becoming faster thanks to the advent of apps that extend functionality fast. However, expectations are rising too, with customers needing accurate real time data to help them stay ahead of the competition. Team Tecman predicts a future with customers wanting more advanced features to help them maximise their investment and keep ahead of the competition. Add AI into the mix and choosing the right partner will be critical. For the full story listen in: 


Tecman Talks Dynamics is a regular podcast aimed at businesses that use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/Dynamics NAV as their everyday business system.

In each episode, the Dynamics experts at Tecman will discuss the most frequently asked customer questions and explore areas of the system that you may not have unlocked before.

They will also be sharing their top tips in maximising your usage, performance and productivity within Dynamics 365 Business Central/Dynamics NAV (as well as Dynamics 365 Sales, Marketing & Service, previously CRM), based on their wealth of experience.

The purpose of these podcasts is to inform and educate Dynamics 365 users and ensure you are fully maximising your business system and continue to be efficient & agile as possible.

So, tune in to our no-nonsense podcast for businesses using Microsoft Dynamics and start learning today!