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Warehouse Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Cut out the pain of outdated systems and out of date data in your warehouse & supply chain

Wanting to automate your supply chain processes? Well, want no more! From order capture to receivables & stock replenishment, Dynamics 365 Business Central delivers real-time information and alerts on business progress.

Dynamics 365 Business Central provides visibility and control of all your stock, stock movements, sales and purchasing across multiple locations. With greater visibility, you have greater control over your purchasing processes and automated workflows.

Enable a completely paperless warehouse. Combine Dynamics 365 Business Central with add on products from Clever Dynamics. Using the Handheld for Warehousing add on for a full handheld solution in your warehouse that will drive up both warehouse productivity and capacity.

Hassle-free stock management

Complete visibility of every product in every location.

Streamline warehouse processes

To drive up productivity & optimise warehouse capacity.

Take control of your reporting & analysis

Keep on top of your own performance and that of your suppliers, with personalised dashboards and analytics.

Take the hassle out of stock management

  • No more “on-stock somewhere”; instead have an up-to-the second view of your inventory across every location for more reliable fulfilment and reduced obsolescence.
  • No longer get caught out by non-BOM (Bill of Materials) costs such as packaging or consumables.
  • Take advantage of perpetual stock management for a precise cost of goods sold.
  • Less credit notes issued for missed deadlines or incorrect products.

Streamline warehouse processes

  • Use system directed receipts, put-aways, picks & shipments for a more efficient “path of the picker”, optimised storage and safe observance of weight/height restrictions.
  • Benefit from integrated EDI/eCommerce so orders can be automatically received and passed straight to the warehouse to meet demanding delivery deadlines.
  • Communicate seamlessly with third party logistics (TPL/3PLs) so they have the information & labels they need to get your products out to customers thick and fast.
  • Standardise your returns process to quickly identify common issues, quarantine products and take appropriate action to protect your customer service levels.

Take control of your reporting & analysis

  • Easily monitor supplier lead times & quality against agreed service lead times (SLAs).
  • Quickly produce on-time in-full (OTIF) delivery performance reports and analyse by requested/promised/actual delivery dates, customer, location and date.
  • Effortlessly account for landed costs in the final costs of an item when being imported into the UK and its impact on cash flow.
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Interested in Dynamics 365 Business Central?

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