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Service Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Get that operational efficiency that you have always wanted!

Gain the ability to improve your service with Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Enhance your customer loyalty with better effective contract management to ensure your service team hit SLA’s. Keep on track of your contacts, warranties, SLA’s and service management without a second thought!

If you sell a product that needs servicing or repairing, Dynamics 365 Business Central offers full-service management for handling service requests, work orders, spare parts and service contracts.

Make smarter and more effective decisions

Get real-time insights on project status, profitability & resource-usage.

Better insights of service tasks, workloads & employee skills

Effectively assign resources and facilitate case resolution.

Enhance your operational efficiency

Provide effective contract management and enforce critical processes.

Make smarter and more effective decisions

  • Take advantage of personalised dashboards to identify potential issues and act before they escalate.
  • Analyse service issues by product, time taken, fault code, resolution type and much, much more to streamline processes and prevent issues from occurring.
  • Use service management as an intelligent upsell or cross-sell opportunity for additional products and services.

Better insights of service tasks, workloads & employee skills

  • Provide a seamless customer helpline and online experience for warranty registration, product issues and stockist enquiries.
  • Enhance claims, returns and complaint management.
  • Provide technical review and specification services and understand the service commitment queue to ensure SLA’s and promises are met.

Process and fulfil orders from all sales channels, in one place

  • Effortlessly capture issues from multiple channels and funnel them into a single solution for complete visibility.
  • Use routing rules to automatically assign issues to the correct individual or team.
  • Reduce the need for internal communication with real-time accurate data.
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