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Manufacturing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Interested in Dynamics 365? Join us on 6th June 2024 for a live demonstration!

Wanting to respond quickly and accurately to your customers without a second thought?

Flexible processes and integrated information in Dynamics 365 Business Central will help you to make decisions that your customers can rely on.

You will always be equipped to when your customers need answers on last-minute requests and changes.

Boost production efficiency and make accurate promises to customers with Dynamics 365 Business Central’s bill of materials, master production scheduling, agile manufacturing, demand forecasting and capacity planning.

Visibility of performance across your organisation means that you can seize advantage of new business opportunities with confidence and place your business ahead of the competition.

Greater reliability your customers trust

Reliability is paramount, typically because your customer’s own operations depend on it.

Improved efficiency on the shop floor

Do away with unnecessary paperwork & unify your processes to increase output on the shop floor.

Tighter control of manufacturing costs

Analyse production variances to nip cost issues in the bud.

Greater reliability your customers trust

  • Real-time visibility of progress and plans on the shop-floor for more informed planning and improve decision-making.
  • Use lot or serial number tracking for complete traceability in the case of product recalls and keeping track of certificates of conformity.
  • Dependable deliveries to customers based on accurate and actual production times-rather than relying on gut feel.
  • Instant visibility of new orders and their impact on your manufacturing plans, regardless of how they are received (e.g. phone, web or EDI).

Improved efficiency on the shop floor

  • No more paperwork on the shop-floor (hurrah!) – for either the next job or recording quantities produced, time taken, or components used.
  • A clear picture of machine downtime for better organised & preventative maintenance.
  • Tried and tested, standardises routings and bill of materials for more reliable products quality and precise stock management.

Tighter control of manufacturing costs

  • Ability to easily track and monitor cost variances whether they be purchase price, material usage or scrap – and take moderating action as required.
  • Improved visibility of machine downtime 0 and the reasons for it – e.g. “do we need a new machine as this one has X hours of breakdown time?”
  • Compare actual times jobs to estimated times for more accurate job timings and improved capacity planning.
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Interested in Dynamics 365 Business Central?

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